1. Talk to us about her

    well she’s cool and cute and i like talking to her and she has a really good taste in music

  2. l00nyl0vegood:

    this makes me sad

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  3. hopelesshoping:

    Modern Baseball- Your Graduation (x)

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  4. Is she good to talk to tho

    yes very she’s funny and sweet

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  6. (Source: rocketqueenlane, via petcanadian)

  7. Do you talk to mehreen off tumblr?

    Indeed I do

  8. Who do you want to see? (The earlier question)

    Sam ray, w/ any of his musical endeavours

  9. n a t u r e f a i r y

    v cool and v cute

  10. do you think naturefairy is pretty, i think she is sometimes

    hell yeah i do

  11. Your Graduation - Modern Baseball You're Gonna Miss it All


    Modern Baseball - Your Graduation  (new song off of their upcoming record “You’re Gonna Miss It All” due out February 11th via Run For Cover Records)

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  12. 31, 42, 79

    • 31. Do you have any empty alcohol bottles hidden somewhere in your room? - no but i have plenty of full ones

    • 42. In the next 48 hours, will you hang out with a girl? - i prob won’t hang out w/ one but i’ll prob talk to a few in school and stuff

    • 79. Currently wanting to see anyone? - yeah defo

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