1. I’m so bad at talking to people, if I have ever talked to you i formally apologise

  2. (via parasailin)

  3. (via naturefairy)

  4. Have you spoken to naturefairy today? you guys are cute

    nah but i was gonna hit her up after the shower i’m about to have

  5. L, m, a, o

    lemon cheesecake
    modest mouse
    anon messages (hint hint)
    orange crush by rem

  6. Are you still doing the letter thing? I sent you 'L, M, A, O' but you didn't reply...

    sorry i had homework to do but i’ll do it now!!


    • Luvdisc:   I love your blog
    • Alomomola:   I love you platonically
    • Jynx:   I love you romantically
    • Smoochum:   I want to kiss you
    • Swablu:   I want to hug you
    • Nidoqueen:   I want to date you
    • Nidoking:   I want to battle you
    • Ninetales:   You’re beautiful
    • Wooper:   You make me smile
    • Alakazam:   You’re really smart
    • Plusle:   You’re an amazing friend
    • Minun:   I wish I was your friend
    • Lopunny:   You’re sexy
    • Scolipede:   I don't like you
    • Smeargle:   I love your art
    • Unown:   I love your writing
    • Meloetta:   I love your music
    • Cubchoo:   You’re gross
    • Swirlix:   You’re really sweet
    • Eevee:   You’re one of my favourite people
    • Sylveon:   You’re my best friend
    • Arceus:   I worship you
    • Togekiss:   I think you’re a great optimist
    • Phantump:   I think you’re a great pessimist
    • Pichu:   You’re really cute
    • Shaymin:   I am grateful to know you
    • Metagross:   I want to get to know you more
    • Dwebble:   I wish I could talk to you but am too shy
    • Darkrai:   You’re my worst nightmare
    • Exploud:   You scare me
    • Bibarel:   You’re silly
    • Audino:   You make me blush
    • Absol:   Your blog is a disaster
    • Slowking:   You’re wise
    • Zoroark:   You should post more pictures of yourself
    • Porygon:   You should post more
  8. What about naturfairy?

    She’s cool i like her

  9. R

    Roisin bc she sent this

  10. X

    Solve for x (i’m doing math hw rn)

  11. N



    Pls refrain from being rude toward my followers ty

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